On the whole, things are looking up.

Moved from one location to another within the same company, doing something different for the same pay. The result so far has been a sort of general fatigue – no matter how many benefits and 5% raises a person is offered, a dead-end job is a dead-end job. A 401k isn’t a whole lot of help if you can barely put anything into it. It’s exhausting, and daunting. I want out, and I know (generally speaking, anyway) what I want to do, but making it happen takes guts and confidence, which I’m having some trouble with mustering up lately.

Having said that, I’m no longer ready to walk out at any moment, either. The new faces and locale have been refreshing, at the very least. Nice people. I think what I need is, a way to stop stressing out so hard on money, but it’s hard. I can’t go more than ten seconds without remembering some bill or upcoming premium that I can’t really afford. If I could find some sort of way to worry less about that, the creative juices should start flowing again. I’m a good writer, and a good communicator. I can turn this into a career that keeps the wife and I off the street. I can do this.

I can do this.

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