This is my blog. Welcome to it.

For now, it’s basically an online journal, but in time I’d like to use it as a platform to share essays, stories (both true and not true), music that I like, poems that I like and/or write myself, and the work of other people I know or admire. So, like a journal, but maybe more awesome.

For now, I’ll just leave it at that. Be well, and thanks for stopping by.

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I’m Colin. I was born in Dallas, TX in 1985. I’ve lived in Denver since 2002. I’m married, and have two cats and a dog. I work at a grocery store and in my spare time, I think about stuff and occasionally write those thoughts down.

I love music, movies/tv shows, books, poems, pretty pictures. History and politics are fascinating and I am completely obsessed with both. Horror and science fiction are my preferred flavors of fiction, although I’ll try anything at least once. In terms of non-fiction, I find the books of futurists and theoretical physicists to be almost irresistible. My politics lean left… so if there were ever a liberal-minded historical horror novel about aliens from the future that could draw awesome forest scenes and spoke in verse, that would probably be right up my alley.

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